Leak detection know-how

Micro-Flow (pressure testing)

At the heart of the Micro-Flow technology are our Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS) and Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS). These sensors measure flow, pressure and temperature to provide an output that is directly proportional to the leak rate respective to defect size. In pressure regimes above atmospheric conditions, the Micro-Flow sensor is used as described in the following pictures.

Air leak testing with Micro-Flow sensor at pressure conditions
Air leak testing with Micro-Flow sensor at pressure conditions

When air leaks from the unit or assembly under test, the emitted air is replenished through the Micro-Flow sensor to maintain a constant pressure. The loss causes an electrical signal proportional to the volume flow. The Micro-Flow sensor thereby operates with a pressure reservoir which is used to pressurize the unit under test (UUT).

The sensor has a sensitivity of down to 5 · 10-4 mbar · l/s. Usually, only simple fixtures are necessary for this type of testing method.

Basic structure of Micro-Flow set up (example with E2)
Basic structure of Micro-Flow set up - example with E2

Major applications

For further examples, please check product pages.

Micro-Flow product overview

Micro-Flow product overview

Customer benefits

  • Speed of test – much faster than alternatives, e.g. 25 - 40 % faster compared to pressure decay
  • Higher sensitivity than traditional air testing technologies – down to 5 · 10-4 mbar · l/s respectively 3 · 10-3 sccm
  • Minimally effected by environmental changes – greatly reduces false results from environmental changes
  • High accuracy – allows for setting thresholds for higher yield without risk of passing a bad part
  • Repeatability – reduces false failures, a very costly issue
  • Not sensitive to part size – one setup for multiple sized parts, reducing risk and time
  • Daily calibrations NOT required – stable test conditions with traceable test leaks
  • Direct leak flow measurement – Micro-Flow leak measurement systems make a true measurement of the leak
  • Simple to use – industrial, rugged design
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