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Calculations and test parameters

The challenge of leak testing usually starts with the definition of the needed tightness requirement. This requirement is often described in functional definitions as grams / year (US: ounces / year) pressure loss over time or a maximum defect size (e.g. in μm).

Another important topic is to define the testing parameters for your test process. It is important to assure that your results do actually reflect (or are comparable with) the operation conditions of your part. Especially parameters like pressure and temperature are essential to define and control during the test process.

On the following pages we want to give you some examples for the most typical calculations in the field of leak detection and what to watch out for:

Leak rate of a bicycle tire (mbar · l/s)

Mass loss rates and volume leakage rates in laminar or molecular flow regime

Furthermore please check our “Leak Rate Unit Converter” on the right hand side

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