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Tracer gas leak detection with helium and hydrogen

Tracer gas leak detection with helium is still the most sensitive commercially used test method on the market. Apart from the sensitivity, tracer gas leak detection offers various advantages. It is non-destructive, highly repeatable, conform with various regulations and faster than other methods. Furthermore, tracer gas leak detection offers the capability to also locate the position of a leak.


  • Helium leak detection has the highest sensitivity of all commercial test methods
  • Wide range of measurement (10-1 to 10-12 mbar · l/s)
  • Non-destructive
  • Dynamic and faster than many other methods
  • Insensitive to temperature and volume changes
  • Quantification and/or localization
  • Manual or automatic testing
  • Overpressure or vacuum test
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • No hazard for operator or chemical changes of test specimen
  • Regulation conformity


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