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Leak detection know-how

Mass Extraction (vacuum testing)

A special form of the Micro-Flow sensor technology is the so-called Mass Extraction technique. The basic principle is similar to the Micro-Flow approach but in order to achieve higher sensitivity, the test is performed under vacuum conditions. This method incorporates sensor designs that operate at continuum/slip flow condition (shallow vacuum) and transitional/molecular flow regimes (deeper vacuum). This technology can also be used for the leak testing of closed containers such as packages or electronic enclosures.

Air leak testing with Mass Extraction at vacuum conditions
Air leak testing with Mass Extraction at vacuum conditions

Further set ups – e.g. with direct connection to the UUT – are also possible. The unit under test is placed into a vacuum chamber with pressure conditions of 1 mbar or less. After the chamber is evacuated, the remaining flow between the chamber and the vacuum reservoir is used to determine the leak rate of the tested part. With this method, a sensitivity of down to 7 · 10-7 mbar · l/s can be reached.

Basic structure of Mass Extraction set up example with VE2

Major applications

For further examples, please check product pages.

Mass Extraction product overview
Mass Extraction product overview

Customer benefits

  • Especially suitable for sealed objections (e.g. CCIT*)
  • Non-destructive testing without use of tracer gas
  • Very high sensitivity – detecting leak rates of down to 7 · 10-7 mbar · l/s (<2 μm)
  • Separate gross leak test for larger defect – fast and reliable detection of gross leaks
  • Minimally effected by environmental changes – greatly reduces false results from environmental changes
  • High accuracy – allows for setting thresholds for higher yield without risk of passing a bad part
  • Repeatability – reduces false failures, a very costly issue
  • Not sensitive to part size – one setup for multiple sized parts, reducing risk and time
  • Daily calibrations NOT required – stable test conditions with traceable test leaks
  • Recognized in industry standards as Pharma USP 1207 – easy process validation

*Container Closure Integrity Testing

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