Leak detectors

Leak detectors: the answer to all your leaks, no matter how big or small
Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detectors trace every leak. No leak is too small or too big to escape our leak detectors. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for water, oil, fuel, refrigerant, gas, steam, air or vacuum leaks. From miniature electronic units right up to large-volume vessels, from media escaping from vacuum systems to gases entering them – the uses for leak detectors are as broad as the range of industrial products. The extensive range of Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detectors provides the answer for all these requirements.

Portable Leak Detector ASM 310

Multipurpose Leak Detector ASM 340

High performance Leak Detector ASM 390 and 392

High performance Leak Detector ASM 182

High performance Leak Detector ASM 192

Workstation Leak Detector ASM 1002

Modular Leak Detector ASI 35

Sniffing Leak Detector ASM 102 S

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