Micro-Flow accessories

Software: LeakTek™ and Leak-Rx™

Our software program LeakTek™ provides PC-based application which provides test setup configurability as well as data collection and analysis. It communicates with our Micro-Flow test instruments via RS-232 or Ethernet connections. Windows 7 (or later) operating system is required.


  • Enables configuration, storage, and retrieval of multiple test sequences and parameters
  • Test parameters are also be stored in the test instrument’s non-volatile memory for operation without an attached PC
  • User can specify mass or volumetric units, including flow at standard conditions
  • Gas type is selectable as well as limits for pressure and flow
  • Flow can be displayed based on volume or mass units per minute
  • Pressure can be displayed in various absolute or gauge units
  • Relative measurement allows you to auto zero when supply and UUT are equalized to enhance sensitivity
  • Reference measurement allows you to make comparison to a master part signature

Screenshots of LeakTek™

LeakTek™ Setup Screen

LeakTek™ Run Screen

LeakTek™ Signature Analysis

Leak-Rx™: FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data acquisition
Leak-Rx™ is an FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant version of the LeakTek™ software. Leak-Rx™ is setup with a protected database for analysis and monitoring that tracks user activity. The program can only be used to configure sensors that are connected to the software with an encrypted key. Some of the program screens are shown below.

Screenshot of Leak-Rx™

Leak-Rx™ SPC Report Screen

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