Micro-Flow accessories

For our Micro-Flow leak testers we offer extensive accessories. This includes the needed pressure and vacuum reservoirs and vacuum test chambers, as well as pressure and vacuum control equipment. Furthermore, we offer calibrated leak devices and software solutions for the set up and operation of the equipment.

Micro-Flow channels

Our Equivalent Channel Standard (ECS) & Equivalent Channel Device (ECD) can be used to set up leak testing equipment based on the leak rate to be detected, verify or validate a leak test system’s capability to detect leaks, or compare leak test methods and machines.

Software: LeakTek™ and Leak-Rx™

Our LeakTek™ software program provides a PC-based application which provides data collection and analysis, as well as test setup configurability. It communicates with our micro-flow test instruments via RS-232 or Ethernet connections. Windows XP Professional R operating system (or later) is required. Especially for pharmaceutical applications we also offer a dedicated FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant version called Leak-Rx™.

Overview (and further) accessories for Micro-Flow

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Accessories for Micro-Flow

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