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Pfeiffer Vacuum offers leak detectors for various needs: Our portable leak detectors are used both for mobile leak detection „on site“, as well as for worldwide service jobs in a variety of different locations. They stand out above all due to their high performance combined with low weight.

The multipurpose leak detectors are used mainly for stationary applications to localize leaks and to check leak tightness. They are also movable thanks to a dedicated cart. Compact helium leak detectors are used in a wide range of industries, from heavy industry right up to clean room applications. In this latter case, the dry versions of the leak detector are used.

High-performance (mobile and fixed station) leak detectors are used where extremely short cycle times and fast reduction of helium background are required: From testing of industrial components in high throughput production up to highly sensitive applications in vacuum and medical technology or in research and development.

Turnkey leak detection systems are the perfect solution for customers who need 100 % quality testing in industrial production environments for products that have high requirements in leak tightness or a high output manufacturing.

Leak detection systems are used in several industrial segments such as:

  • Air conditioning
    • Climatic hoses and components
    • Climatic compressors
  • Fuel systems
    • Fuel tanks and their components
    • Fuel pumps
    • Fuel filters
    • Fuel injectors
    • Level sensors
    • Swirl pots
  • Suspension systems
    • Air shock absorbers
  • Safety systems
    • Airbag ignitors
    • Airbag inflators
  • Packaging industry
    • Potato chip cans
    • Food package
  • Power supply
    • Solar receiver tubes
    • Medium voltage switchgear
    • Surge arrester

And many more applications.

Leak detectors

Portable Leak Detector ASM 310

Multipurpose Leak Detector ASM 340

High performance Leak Detector ASM 390 and 392

High performance Leak Detector ASM 182

High performance Leak Detector ASM 192

Workstation Leak Detector ASM 1002

Modular Leak Detector ASI 35

Sniffing Leak Detector ASM 102 S

System technology

Integrity test solution for the pharmaceutical industry

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