How to test thin gas lines faster with Helium detection?


Fast and efficient gas line testing is crucial for process reliability and installation safety. With Helium Leak detectors, it is possible to locate leaks in gas distribution lines, tanks, gas cabinets and any devices that store or transport gas. Helium leak testing is indeed a non-destructive test method with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. Since helium leak detection works with test gas, it is governed by the laws of fluid mechanics. High internal flow resistances of individual test objects can severely impair the effectiveness of helium leak detection. This is especially true for long, thin gas pipes used, for example, for the construction of high-purity media supply systems or coil-wound heat exchangers.

Leak detection by spraying with helium
After connecting and evacuating the gas line, the outer surfaces are sprayed with helium using a finely adjustable spray gun. Helium enters the gas line through leaks and can be transported to the detection device. The response time during the measurement is determined by the volume of the gas line and the effective pumping speed of the helium gas test setup.

Helium spray test with tracer gas: An exemplary experimental setup consists of an ASM 340 leak detector with ASMView software.Fig.1: Helium spray test with tracer gas. The exemplary experimental setup consists of an ASM 340 leak detector with ASMView software.

The effective pumping speed for helium is made up of the helium pumping speed of the leak detector used, the flow resistances of the gas line as well as the piping components forming the connection between the leak detector and the gas line.

Conventional helium leak detectors reach their maximum sensitivity in what is known as “fine leak mode“ at a comparatively low test pressure.

Read more about this state of the art technology in the attached application report.
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